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in the bay." coming up, why voters may be unwilling to save public education. we'll talk with larry gerston about the governor's fight for prop 30 just ahead. just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. >>> good morning. looking live at san francisco. fog there in the distance. warm temperatures by this afternoon. rain later on this week in the forecast. >>> governor brown has stumped the state for unions, corporations have come out for it and prominent educators begged for it but proposition 30 may be headed toward defeat next week. for more on this we bring in larry gerston. proposition 30 remind us of the little details. it's for education on paper. >> big money. combination is compelling. prop 30 is governor brown's initiative to save public education from about $6 billion in cuts. those cuts are necessary because of massive revenue shortfalls. we heard that story before. now in the past those who earn more than $250,000 would pay between 1% and 3% more dependin
. and educators who had no idea what title ix is. now, they're asking districts showing documentation showing their compliance. proof that schools have procedures and policies in place to protect students from sexual harassment. >> i was shocked by some of the responses that were revealed in the report. our public information requests are what schools should be doing. otherwise, the e-mails you saw would be more pervasive. >> reporter: the nonprofit is hoping to identify gaps in compliance and encouraging school districts to fix the problem. who oversees the school districts, the office of civil rights are in charge of that. they respond to complaints. but no one is enforcing title ix on a regular basis. so, they do not know who is complying and who is not. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, including any issues when you're trying to vote next tuesday, give us a call. or send us an e-mail to the unit at >>> coming up, eyewitness to disaster. >> frustrated. >> sandy survivors arrive in the bay area. >>> also, the invention of cinema's most famous vill
supposed to get an education right now? >> he is getting an education. >> what are you supposed to be today? >> charter school, morgan hill. >> here with what excuse? >> the giants are awesome. >> only five were in class. that's how many were out of 40 were going to be here. >> you told your teacher that? >> sick. >> good thing she's not watching. >> it's a good thing. >> i any the parents will write them notes because they are the accomplices. we ask you to share your giants excitement sending in your celebration photos. we posted them on our website. here are a few. these are pictures through facebook and twitter. how cute is that. this is how you watch the parade in san francisco or from your home or office. many showing off giants spirit and to take part you can tweet them to us. >> on the east coast it's a different tone. the latest on hurricane sandy as president obama toured the damage also. >> we're tracking our halloween storm across the bay area, some of you getting wet. others still dry weather. we'll have the timeline for your forecast in a few minutes. good morning! wow. want t
supposed to be getting an education right now? >> he is getting an education. >> reporter: and where are you supposed to be today? >> charter school in morgan hills. >> reporter: and you're here with what excuse? >> the giants are awesome. >> only five kids were supposed to be in class yesterday. that's how many kids out of 40 were going to be here. >> reporter: oh you told your teach they're? >> yeah. >> reporter: your teacher was cool? >> no. >> reporter: i told her i was sick. >> good thing she is not watching. >> the best education they can get. and yes, we're all a little choked up today. we asked you early today to share your excitement over the giants by sending in your best celebration photos. and you, our viewers came through in a big way. i posted them on our website. take a look from cute to outrageous to even more cute. here are just a few. these are pictures of viewers submitted through our facebook and twitter pages. this is how you watched the parade, whether you were with us in san francisco on the parade route or at home. many showing off their giants spirit to take
for victims to file a complaint. they're supposed to make that well-known. but some educators aren't following the law. and others don't know what title ix is. a teacher and a principal. >> elementary schoolteacher is behind bars. >> a victim of sexual battery. >> sexual abuse by a teacher and a coach. >> it's haunting news. children, allegedly victimized at school. >> if something like this happens to your kid, your whole turns upside down. >> reporter: this mother doesn't want to reveal her identity. >> it's finally being tried and he's off the street. >> reporter: she tells us her 6-year-old was molested by an employee at an after-school play. >> something inappropriate happened for them to go is troubling. >> reporter: that's where title ix comes in. schools that get federal dollars must have a title ix coordinator to handle sexual harassment complaints. and that person's contact information must be made public. we decided to test the system. using a standard e-mail address, we sent this message to more than 200 principals across 25 districts in the bay area. asking how to contact the titl
by the taliban because she stood up for girls and education. tonight, we see just how much progress she has made in just three weeks's time. our report tonight from amna nawaz. in birmingham, england >> reporter: ten days after she arrived in england, malala yousufzai has reunited with her family, who came in yesterday racing to the hospital under tight security. they were taken in to see her. >> last night when we met her, there were kids in our eyes, and they were out of happiness, i say, out of happiness >> reporter: when her father last saw her in pakistan, she was hanging on to life. >> in pakistan, i told my brother-in-law, that they should make preparations for a funeral, because of the situation but thankful to god >> reporter: today, he called it a miracle that malala is expected to make a full recovery. >> everywhere across the world, they condemn the attack, in strong words, and they prayed for my daughter. which is not only my daughter, which is the daughter of everybody, sister of everybody. >> reporter: doctors here continue to take malala through a series of tests to rule out any
their dream fulfilled. >> prop 30 would inclose sales an income taxes to fund education programs. the volunteers and supporters of prop 30 say they will man the phones until account tonight. >> still ahead, we'll show you how one bay woman's ordinary day at the of has a lot in common with halloween, how she turned an unlikely dream into a reality. >> we're watching the halloween forecast for the week ahead. our temperature outside still feels more like a summer evening around the bay area. up 70s in the tri-valley as we watches changes in the pacific that will toss rain our way. we'll show you when in your seven day forecast when we come right back. >>> halloween is in five days and that means costume stores and pumpkin patches are busy right now. there's an unusual business in the east bay where you say halloween is their christmas. garvin thomas brings us tonight's bay area proud. >> we just got these from a store and they have been like gang busters. >> reporter: if it surprises to you learn there's a business out there based solely on the rental, sales and repair of mannequi
the foundation will support charities that focus and revolve around education. >>> cal will host its first friday night football game at memorial stadium. the city of berkeley is telling people to take public transit. several streets will be closed as of 3:00 today. the same closures during saturday's game. most people are on the road overall. there will be free shuttles from the rock bridge b.a.r.t. station. cal is playing the washington huskies. >>> the oakland raiders asking fans to help the team and help themselves. the team needs to sell 85% of its tickets of home games to ensure there is no tv blackout. the team is more than 10,000 tickets short of the goal this morning. the nfl is giving them one extra day for the extension. if they don't reach the goal, the game will not be televised. this would be the first game to be blacked out in two seasons. >>> when we come back, sergio romo hosts late night and where you can meet angel pagan. >> huge news. >>> in 2010, it was brian wilson and tim lincecum who worked the talk show circuit. the giants know along with the world series title comes rock
in place for victims to file a complaint. but some bay area educators are not complying and others unaware of title nine. schools that get federal dollars must have a title nine coordinator to handle sexual harassment complaints. so we decided to test the system, using a standard e-mail address we sent this message to more than 200 principles across 25 districts in the bay area, asking how to contact the title nine coordinator. we even pointed out this person handles sexual harassment complaints. we contacted 35 principles in the district, and none could name the title nine coordinator. >> i believe they didn't know what you were talking about. >> reporter: we showed her how some of the principals responded. i have no idea what title nine is. sorry. and, i need to know who i'm talking to before i send that information. some principals said they don't have a coordinator. >> if you had said who can i go to if i have a complaint about discrimination or sexual harassment, every principal should have said you can talk to me about that. and if they didn't say that, i would love to know their nam
that prosecutors have gone after a local educator for not reporting the abuse. >> she allowed him to continue as a teacher in a classroom that gave him access to a child and ultimated resulted in that child's mole station. she did interview the child and took notes and recorded that chandler put something in her mouth and wiggled her body back and forth. a lot of other people knew about chandler's behavior and also did not believe anything sexual was going on. in a statement he said that we are confident when all the evidence is examined she will be cleared of any wrongdoing. licensed therapist said regardless of the verdict, this case has the ability to encourage mandatory reporting to do more. >> it leads the abuser to have the sense that they can get away with this and they may do it again. and then, it just leads to more pain. >> as for chandler, he is behind bars awaiting trial. he faces 75 years to life in prison if he is convicted. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> we continue to follow a developing story in the east bay, the friday rush hour has been miserable for hour
underestimate the economic stability and giving a child a good education. if parents are working multiple jobs, it's hard to be a good parent, hard to be there for the parent/teacher conferences. inso far as this alleviates economic stress, i think it's great. >> is this the reason behind this, though? >> this is -- that's why it's a two-fold answer. the second part is, there's something that feels not quite right about having to incentivize good parenting. >> let me challenge that for a second. if at the end of the day -- and you're right, it's all about getting better education for kids, and if although it's horrible -- >> and crass -- >> but if this gets the job done as the ceo, i say do it. >> you may think there's an ick factor. >> if it gets the job done, i'm for it. >> and offering a buffet lunch will get a parent in to care about their child and their child's relationship with that school, then that's what you need to do. whatever's necessary. >> let's do our next topic, football dancing. i know star's a big football fan. >> exactly. >> the jacksonville jaguars are trying to -- >> jack
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said education protection fund. it's right there in black and white. >> brown says without the money raised by prop 30, he has no choice but to further slash funding for california schools and colleges. >>> today, backers of san jose's measure d which would increase the minimum wage by $2 issued a challenge to their opponents. >> we respectfully challenge you to live for one week on the minimum wij income, that's $320. >> a letter was delivered to the chamber of commerce increase would allow them to live without public assistance. the chamber oppose measure d saying it's bad for business and could lead to job loss. however, a reality check by our investigative unit showed that did not happen in other major cities like san francisco where the minimum wage was increased. >>> two bay area elementary schools are among 23 in the state which have been stripped of their standardized test rankings after irregularities committed by teachers. one of the schools, fairwood elementary in sunnyvale. it self-reported the incident back to the state in may realizing a teacher taught an impromptu less
and education. the president arguing that he's still the best candidate to get the economy back on track. he continues to enlist former president bill clinton to help. the two will be campaigning together in florida on monday. the one thing looming over the closing argument, the october jobs report. it comes out the friday before voters head to the polls. lester? >> peter, a candidate can't be in many places at one time. what's the plan now for romney with ten days? where will his focus be? >> reporter: it's a good question. mitt romney will focus on an optimistic jobs oriented theme for the last ten days. they're trying to make a clear contrast between the two candidates. referring to his own candidacy as one of big change and the president is one of status quo. that word "big" we heard 24 times from romney today. we are likely to hear it again several times tonight. lester? >> all right. peter and kristen on the campaign trail for us tonight. thank you. we want to let you know, from now through election day you can watch every presidential campaign event streaming live online at nbc news.c
in 20 years santa clara prosecutors have gone after a local educator for not reporting suspected abuse. >> her response was not to do anything. she did speak with mr. chandler and she kind of conducted her own investigation and determined that there was nothing to be done. >> reporter: the principal took notes while interviews the 8-year-old girl. the girl told her chandler blindfolded her while she was alone with him in a classroom and asked her to open her legs. she also reported chandler put something in her mouth and wiggled her body back and forth. attorney eric geffon says a lot of other people knew about his behavior and also didn't believe anything sexual was going on. he also said we are confident when all the evidence is examined ms. vijayendran will be cleared of any wrongdoing. alberta faust who works with abused children says regardless of the verdict, the case is sending a message to those required to report abuse. >> the fact that they're pure suing it will bring this up to the attention of other administrators that they need to take this seriously, and that they need to
. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ >> anything that makes us more interspecktive and review our policies is not a lost exercise. >> that was lloyd on the charges levelled from the former employ employee that quit by way of a "new york times" op-ed. greg smith described out of touch bankers referring to clients as muppets one of the final straws that he says ended his career at goldman sachs last spring. goldman says it is not true. smith published a new book about his experience inside of one of the wall street's best-known firms. i asked him about money and muppets. what do you think
affordable education. some of the youngsters we're told didn't know who he was when he showed up but he got them smiling and needless to say the parents were thrilled. check this out. the bay area's own brandon crawford. the giants tweetd out this photo as a 5-year-old at candle stick park. how cute is that. and now a as a world series champ shown with his wife on the right n. the tweet, he says to all of you little giants fans out there never give up your dream because look right. there it came true. all right. when we come back, the latest on hurricane sandy. we are following that developing story. and here's a live look at times square in new york city. all of the public transportation is shut down in new york. all schools are shut down in new york and look at this. times square at this hour is crowded all the time, all night. it is absolutely deserted. a few cars going across. no one on the roads. no one on the sidewalks. we will have more on hurricane sandy coming up. here's live pictures of times square in new york city. i have never seen it that quiet. all new york schools are closed
of holding a baby in front of your face, educating with words. >> let's look at two men. this is how two men discuss things. okay. maybe not. there they are. >> the guy on the right looks up. the guy on the left will look away. i think it comes from millions of years from sitting behind the bush on the grass sides of africa trying to hit the buffalo in the head with a rock. can't be talking to your neighbor while you do it. >> look at the third picture. >> it's funny when you're talking to a man. sometimes when they're walking they reveal more because they're not looking at you. >> ah. >> if you want a really good conversation with a man, do it while he's driving a car. he can't go. you're side by side. you're not looking at him. >> he's look the way he likes which is straight ahead. >> i love it. our third picture is a man and a woman. let's check this one out. she's all wrapped up in him, and he's totally not. wouldn't you say she's more romantic? >> no, no, no. she's doing women's intimacy. she's trying to reach him and she's feeling invaded, because he's trying to reach her. he's talking
think she'd have plenty of choices. an educated woman with a degree in marketing. she says she had a good job at an advertising agency but was laid off three years ago and hasn't been able to find a job since. >> how many jobs do you figure you've applied for? >> i've applied for probably at least 3,000 jobs. >> 3,000 jobs? >> yes. >> in the last three years? >> yes snee. >> her unemployment has left her heavily in debt. now she has her own business idea and needs monday oi to back it. selling a kidney, she says, is her only option. >> this is the state of the economy. people are selling body parts. >> it's hard to believe that your situation could be so bad that you would advertise your kidney on craigslist. >> that's reality for not only me but for a lot of people. >> she's right. here's another ad. healthy kidney. respond for further information. so we did. and met with this man who says his name is jim. >> jim told us he's a college student and was thinking about selling his kidney for $50,000 to pay his tuition. he asked us to blur his face. >> so it's kind of an extraordinary
it and educators who have no idea what title 9 is. equal rights advocates calls it widespread ignorance of basic, federal law. now they are asking districts to provide documentation showing they're in compliance. proof schools have coordinators, policies and procedures in place to protect students from sexual harassment. >> and i was shocked by some of the responses that were revealed in the report and it really shows, i think, the real story about what's happening at schools. >> our public information requests are exactly what schools should be doing every year. otherwise, the kinds of e-mails that you saw will be more and more pervasive and there will be more and more harassment at schools. >> reporter: the non-profit is hoping to identify gaps in compliance and encourage districts to take steps to fix the problem. as for who is overseeing school districts to make sure they are following the law. the office of civil rights is in charge of that. a spokesman told us they respond to complaint, but no one is enforcing title 9 on a regular basis so they do not know who is complying and who's not. r
in the city's east village is a microcosm of new york, a melting pot of income, education and ethnicity. on monday night, all felt sandy's wrath. first came the water, then an explosion two blocks away at coned rocked the neighborhood, leaving flooded basements, the huge mess to clean up. we found one woman cleaning out her waterlogged storage base by flashlight. have you moments in the last couple of days where the stress was just -- >> yeah, it's depressing. >> reporter: edwin cruz brought an rv into the neighborhood, an act so simple it's downright heroic. >> i'm 31 and all i want to do is see my mom. i haven't spoken to her in days. it means a lot to get to charge. ♪ >> reporter: down the block, a street preacher sings and plays songs of faith here on east 11th, people have begun to believe in each other. new yorkers are by nature a fairly resilient bunch, every day here presents its own challenges. and in this crisis, that can-do spirit is a necessity. reuben henderson already has his restaurant cleaned up and ready for customers. >> this is our little bar. >> reporter: the only
. the u.s. department of education doesn't keep a list of coordinators, so no one knows if schools are complying or not. >> it's not just embarrassing, it's scary. >> is this something that all principals should know? >> absolutely. every principal should know. >> reporter: i'm investigative reporter jenna susko, nbc bay area news. >>> 5:23. coming up, we follow the breaking news out on the east coast. sandy causing massive damage, including this mess in rhode island. we will have more pictures and some very amazing and devastating video just ahead. >>> 5:26 right now. welcome back, everybody. victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion may be allowed to seek further damages from pg&e. a peninsula superior court judge making that tentative ruling yesterday. it would allow more than 350 victims of the disaster to seek punitive damages from the utility when it goes to trial early next year. both sides will be back in court. today the judge will make that final ruling. >>> let's have another look at the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, guys, good morning
for lucas film telling the hollywood reporter the foundation will support charities that focus on education. very, very nice. >> yeah, very nice. >>> we want to check the forecast as well. it is going to be nice. pretty spectacular for this time of the year. >> especially when it comes to that raiders game at 72 degrees at kickoff. 73 in livermore for today, 70 in concord and 66 in san francisco as we head into the weekend. we might be breaking some temperature records. i'll tell you where, which cities have the best chance for that and we also have rain in the forecast. lots to talk about this morning. first let's take a look at your drive. good morning, mike. >> a better morning as far as visibility goes over in treatment. looking at 880, headlights south toward tesla and north heading up toward hayward and union city. we'll show you the maps and we see the approach on san francisco and actually southbound 101 you see some slowing. right now just the road crews and no slowing throughout the area. farther north, the orange highlighting there, that shows where the fog might be kicking
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)